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I stumbled across this tonight:

"i resent that i’m expected to want to live in a world that’s unlivable. i resent that the de- and unvalued of us are tasked with the burden of making our lives livable and even enjoyable when others are not tasked with making our lives lives worth living. being alive isn’t inherently good or fun or pleasurable or enjoyable or easy. it’s hard. it’s so fucking hard. and i feel lucky to have found ways to have these moments of joy and pleasure and whatever else i can find. and i don’t think those moments come without privilege in some sense or are not the product of privilege in another.

im alive because of fighting. and i do what i do, i am who i am, because i want it to be a little easier for the next me’s of the world. whatever they look like. i want their lives to be a little more livable."

I think it's really interesting. I appreciate someone being articulate about ideas counter to what has become the classic independent self-help narrative.  I am not 100% sure where I stand on any of this but I am clear that it is beneficial for me and for society to read and consider narratives that give the world a greater responsibility and burden toward each person's happiness. I mean, yeah, listen, I get it: it's great to have this idea that everyone can think positively and pull themself up by their bootstraps. It's probably helpful for people to feel like they have some control like that, to create change without anyone else's help, especially when no one wants to help.  But also ultimately I think I believe in a communal existence. I do think we all share some responsibility for making everyone's life worth living. I don't know how we as a society would do it but I think a society that facilitates that would be a better place to live.
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