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"Find a man. Or put your hood up and stand there looking forlorn. That usually works."
--my mother on what to do if your car battery is dead

Remembering that
a) she seemed to know more about jumpstarting a car than many people we encountered in a supermarket parking lot a few years back when the car battery was dead and
b) she grew up in the 1950s

makes this less disturbing.  But I couldn't help giggling when I overheard her telling her friend this methodology.


Dec. 18th, 2006 06:29 am
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I have to take a brief cab ride again today.  (Maybe it'll be the last time, please God, given my stepped-up car search.).

If the cab driver flirts with me or hits on me like the last one did, I am not going to give him a tip, and I'm going to tell him that's why I'm not giving a tip as I'm leaving the cab. 

It's not that I expect it to happen, but...I didn't expect it last time, and I ended up not thinking and giving a tip anyway, and y'know what?  If I'm unhappy with the service and it was entirely the driver's fault, I'm not going to. We're talking a buck or two here. It's the principle of the thing, and it might teach 'em something. 

I'm not an angry feminist, I swear. Well, maybe a little. 

And I've finally discovered the single good things about MySpace, which is...not so good.  Apparently it is THE way for a lot of up-and-coming musicians to connect with their fans.  I mean, dude, the idea that you can send the person an email and they'll actually see it themselves?  Pretty neat.  So now I'm mildly hooked on the terrible page designs and the instantaneously-loading backround music and all that.  I'm so ashamed.
Last night my mom was speaking to my grandmother on the phone, and among the things I overheard was "I have high expectations" and "All I can do is love her." I'm grateful for some of my mother's attitudes/styles/perspectives. She has a driving student right now who has practiced ballet for 6 hours every day since she turned 5...and quite possibly as a fulfillment of her very type-A mother's dream.


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