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I've realized something pretty amusing over the past few weeks: when I was young(er), I confused the concept of being "crunchy" (as in crunchy-granola) (I didn't know that term yet, and I'm not even sure it existed at the time) with the idea of having a bunch of kids. Like upwards of 5-6. I'm sure anyone reading this who's truly crunchy is laughing at me right now...

I think there are some common threads (like the sort of down-home sensibility) between the life lead by your average mother of 6,7,8, or more kids and the life of a crunchy person, but they're definitely not the same, and they're not even based in the same beliefs.

Perhaps next I'll venture into how I mistook the tomboy/slightly butch aesthetic (which I see as rooted largely in practicality) (which can lead people to avoid makeup and tight/short skirts) for modesty (I think "tzniut" conveys my thought a little better here.) That one's pretty funny too.

In other words, I am totally not a modest woman who wants to have 9 kids, but I can sorta kinda see why I used to think I was.
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Last night I learned that I have telekinetic powers. I found this out when I found out that I'd broken a glass storm window from several rooms away. Unfortunately, it seems that my powers aren't very fine-tuned at the moment. I'm not exactly sure how I broke the window, to be honest, and the person who had been standing closest to the storm window at the time it broke didn't want to give me details about what happened for some reason.

Clearly I need to investigate this some more. Maybe I can use my telekinetic powers for good!
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I keep on pledging to stay away from this stuff, but it's just so bizarre that I can't help myself. It's all true, by the way.
Reasons Why I Never Fit In Well In The Orthodox Jewish Community )


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