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I'm taping Meet The Press as per my mother's request. This morning it features a debate between Michael Steele and Ben Cardin. Personally, I'm pretty sure I'll be voting for Cardin, but...*shrug* My mother does things differently than I do, I guess. (I'm not too fond of Steele's positions on...war, stem cells, gay marriage...anything, really. Even if he *does* like puppies. I suppose I should still investigate throughly, though.) edit: more importantly, he avoids answering questions about his feelings about Roe v. Wade and where he stands. Not Cool.

Anyway, I also finally hunted down links to streaming video of the two debates between O'Malley and Ehrlich. In case anyone else is interested:
WJZ's debate
MPT/WBAL's debate
Both were about two weeks ago. I'm not sure if/when there will be more.

Looking at candidates' websites makes me remember why and how much I abhor politics. So many pictures of candidate X shaking hands with people,'s all empty, really.

Also, I am officially the worst Jew ever: I'm in the mood for Christmas music and it's not even November yet, never mind Thanksgiving. Hahah.

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the top Maryland court will hear the pending gay marriage case in December.

I'm curious what they'll decide. I've found myself a lot more interested in legal issues in general, lately. The initial case brought before the Baltimore City Circuit Court took an interesting angle, alleging that prohibiting gay marriage discriminates based on gender. Furthermore, it looks like the Court of Appeals ruled in earlier cases that domestic partnerships are substantially different from marriage (which translated into gov't agencies being allowed to grant domestic partner benefits even though MD state law prohibits same-sex marriage). They also ruled, in a case regarding visitation after a divorce, that the father's sexual orientation was irrelevant, and that there was no reason to prohibit visitation when his partner was present.
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Well, I guess I don't have to decide who to vote for in the MD gubernatorial primaries anymore :/

I hadn't been following the race too closely, but I'd been leaning toward Duncan. Oh well.

I guess we're pretty lucky in Maryland--even our republican governor firmly believes that abortion should always be legal...unlike the recent rash of other states' leaders who've been trying to outlaw it.


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