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Probing the depression-rumination cycle, an article from the American Psychological Association

Some of the points in the article are logical/bordering on obvious, but it's interesting to see it put together.
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A very wise and reasonable woman I know approaches shopping in the following manner:
Twice yearly, she inventories what she has and makes a list of what she needs, from socks/underwear on up.  Then, she sets aside one week, during which she works her way up from thrift stores to department stores (or as high-end as she needs to go) until she's bought everything on her list.  Then she doesn't go shopping again for six months. 

I hate shopping with a fiery passion.  So does she.  I really should adopt her method (and not just for clothes, I think.) I hate how things can drag out, I hate the decision-making...limiting it to one week is wise.

I've been in a really good mood lately.  Yesterday I was thinking about how many different paths my life could take (or I could take in life), and despite some of them being mutually exclusive (which always scares me), a lot of 'em are pretty great.  Now I just need to stop taking the path of least resistance all the time 'cause that path tends to lead dooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwn (both in physics and in life).
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Re-reading some stuff I wrote (and remembering some thoughts I'd had) in the past few months, I realize that I was off-target. For a while I was convinced that I've never really been depressed, ever, just had some problems with anxiety that screwed up my life. Read more... )
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Well, I guess I don't have to decide who to vote for in the MD gubernatorial primaries anymore :/

I hadn't been following the race too closely, but I'd been leaning toward Duncan. Oh well.

I guess we're pretty lucky in Maryland--even our republican governor firmly believes that abortion should always be legal...unlike the recent rash of other states' leaders who've been trying to outlaw it.
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"Not only did they miss the boat, they were so far away from the dock that they couldn't even hear the foghorn."

-a friend of mine

this is a rant, not a carefully-constructed position statement )

And this part is: religion was wrong for me because it prevented me* from being able to feel a sense of communion with [all of] humanity. To me, feeling a basic sense of communion with humanity is a very vital thing and an important factor in living a happy and well-balanced and productive and caring life.

I wrote some things yesterday and today but they're too rough-around-the edges to post. I'll post them tomorrow.

*I'm not implying that it works this way for anyone else; I can't know.


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