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The station Pandora creates based on Del Shannon's "Runaway" (I have/prefer a slightly different recording of it) plays exactly what I want to listen to when I want to listen to stuff from that general time/style of music.  (I'm not sure what factors they take into account, but I don't think they played anything *new*...i.e., from the last 20-30 years. But I guess it's possible people just don't record many songs with similar musical elements anymore.) 

And yeah, some songs from that genre are kind of creepy, but...okay, I have no real justification.  Uh, it's art?  Reading and enjoying literary fiction that describes things most of us would never do or endorse isn't considered wrong (at least by people I respect or share values with), so...

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Oh, neat. Little Peggy March's I Will Follow Him was a translation of a song Petula Clark recorded in French.

I love little things like that, covers that are fairly different from the original in some way.  I like how Blondie's Denis is a version of Randy & the Rainbows' Denise. Blondie also covered The Paragon's 1967 song The Tide Is High. I like how April March's Chick Habit is a translation of the old France Gall's Laisse Tomber les Filles. I like how The Toys' Lovers' Concerto is based on Bach's Minuet in G major.  And yes, I like how Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah is based on Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours.
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Some of the hot tracks on right now:

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come
Mos Def - Life in Marvelous Times


But where is Lee Dorsey's Yes We Can? Come on, people!
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What is your favorite album of (i.e. released in) 2007?

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In case you missed the memo - Amazon just launched a DRM-free mp3 download service. It's still in beta but worked perfectly when I tried it (with their little "mp3 downloader" program.)

They seem to have a wider range of artists/labels than other DRM-free services, and their prices are pretty darn good. 


Sep. 10th, 2007 06:10 pm
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65 cents a song and 60 of it seems to go to the artist.  Granted, they don't seem to have much of a selection, but maybe that will change. It makes more sense to do things this way than to buy a used CD...which probably ends up costing about the same.

I'm also going to plug again because I like it. 

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Pearls Before Breakfast, from Sunday's Washington Post.

If you haven't read it yet, do.  It's fantastic and worth the time.


Dec. 18th, 2006 06:29 am
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I have to take a brief cab ride again today.  (Maybe it'll be the last time, please God, given my stepped-up car search.).

If the cab driver flirts with me or hits on me like the last one did, I am not going to give him a tip, and I'm going to tell him that's why I'm not giving a tip as I'm leaving the cab. 

It's not that I expect it to happen, but...I didn't expect it last time, and I ended up not thinking and giving a tip anyway, and y'know what?  If I'm unhappy with the service and it was entirely the driver's fault, I'm not going to. We're talking a buck or two here. It's the principle of the thing, and it might teach 'em something. 

I'm not an angry feminist, I swear. Well, maybe a little. 

And I've finally discovered the single good things about MySpace, which is...not so good.  Apparently it is THE way for a lot of up-and-coming musicians to connect with their fans.  I mean, dude, the idea that you can send the person an email and they'll actually see it themselves?  Pretty neat.  So now I'm mildly hooked on the terrible page designs and the instantaneously-loading backround music and all that.  I'm so ashamed.
Last night my mom was speaking to my grandmother on the phone, and among the things I overheard was "I have high expectations" and "All I can do is love her." I'm grateful for some of my mother's attitudes/styles/perspectives. She has a driving student right now who has practiced ballet for 6 hours every day since she turned 5...and quite possibly as a fulfillment of her very type-A mother's dream.
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A meme, stolen from [ profile] fetteredwolf
Instructions: Go to and copy the top hits from the year you turned 18. Strikethrough the ones you don't like, bold the ones you do, italicize the ones you know but neither like nor dislike. The ones you don't know leave plaintext.
I'm using the term 'LIKE' very lightly here... )
and as a little twist, here are the top hits from the year my MOM turned 18... )

And while we're on the topic of music, well, actually it pains me to put this in a post that includes the likes of J.lo and Christina whatever-her-name-is, but L.P. is fucking awesomely amazing, and I thought so even before I read this interview. I would have described her as a lesbian Jim Morrison, not Mick Jagger, but whatever.
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You know what? Artists who stream entire albums from their websites are awesome. It means you can listen to the entire thing before deciding if you want to buy it. I respect that--so much so that it makes me really want to buy albums.
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In an attempt to get my mom to listen to some of my awesome music, I told her that she should stop listening to so much news/talk radio (her usual response to "why haven't you listened to the CD I burned for you?" is "I listen to NPR instead.").

Somehow this has translated into Lite-102 and being blasted with Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way" when my mom's clock radio went off this morning. Why, God, why?

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For anyone playing along at home, a followup to my previous post about flash mp3 players.

I decided to buy this-- Creative Labs Zen Nano Plus 1GB. No expansion slot, but possibly better sound than the Sansa.

For anyone who doesn't know me well--it's totally unlike me to get an idea in my head (like buying a flash mp3 player) and then act on it within days, especially when it involves buying something. But as the quote goes, "I'm trying to be a little less me, lately, " and this is a pretty good deal. And besides, portable music! Wish I'd bought one earlier so I coulda used it on all those bus rides to and from work over the past three months. Oops.
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Thank you Mark, Verizon representative extraordinaire, for actually helping me set up my internet (as opposed to this morning's guy, who claimed to run a test and said DSL wasn't activated, even though 2 other tests had said it was)! Yay! Yay Mark! Yay DSL! Yay!

Sorry [ profile] cottontimer, I hope your broadband issues get resolved soon, too!

And for a DSL-licious (or at least non-dialup friendly) link:


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