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There's no way to do anonymous polls here, so I turned off IP logging and people can leave anonymous comments.

YES/NO: When you are in someone else's house or space, do you/would you look through their medicine cabinet, open their dresser drawers, look through a pile of papers, etc? (I'm not talking about needing a band-aid and looking for one--I'm talking about snooping.)

Also feel free to add your thoughts: do you expect that people will do this sometimes, even if you personally feel it's wrong?  *Do* you feel it's wrong? Does it matter how close you are to the person? Does it matter if they're relatives?

I had an experience once where a guest staying in a my room made it obvious that they'd read a college application essay I'd been keeping in my desk drawer.  Clearly, then, some people do this sort of stuff and some people think it's totally okay.  I am of many minds on this.

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It's startling to realize that there are forgotten webpages on the internet from 10 years ago...the internet still seems rather new to me in a way, and 10 years still seems like a long time to me. ANYWAY, a poll:

[Poll #1004388]

I had an email address about three years before I had internet access at home or at school, which is probably atypical. I'm not sure what was usual for high schools in the late 90s, but my school's computer labs did not have internet access because children are precious fragile flowers that must be sheltered from anything the slightest bit inappropriate or worldly.
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The fourth checkbox should really be more like "try to get information without confronting them or gossiping--sating your curiosity while allowing them their sense of privacy"
Actually, I think this is an interesting discussion topic.
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I meant to take it last year.  And this fall.  But keep in mind that I haven't even gotten around to reading my car owner's manual yet (fie on you, procrastination!  I really should read it.) 

[Poll #932020]

Auto Mechanics $125, $50 seniors
Tired of trusting strangers with your vehicle? Drive it to class and learn how to do your own routine maintenance and repairs including brake, cooling, exhaust, fuel, engine, and ignition systems.

------------ W(10) 2/21/-5/2 6-9PM ---
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This has nothing to do with my personal budgeting. I'm just curious what people think.

[Poll #897624]

Update: I need to revisit this at some point. The question is a little bit off (compared to what I was intending to ask), and some discussions I've had WRT the poll have changed my perspective...


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