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I want to take an auto repair/maintenance class at one of those continuing education programs. Never mind that I don't have a car, or even get a chance to be behind the wheel much...

My reasoning is that someday (hopefully, though not likely to be, soon) I'll be buying and then owning a (used) car, and I'd like to be able to check out the car's condition on my own, rather than summoning some Magic Car Guru who will examine the car and pronounce it fit or unfit. Currently I know zilch about how cars work. And of course it's good to be able to do your own maintenance, or some of it, or at the very least, be able to understand and converse intelligently with your mechanic.

{It's also partly that my mom, as relatively open-minded and independent as she is, doesn't do (as in "feel she understands or ever will") electrical or mechanical stuff, and used to tell me that "men just understand these things naturally," and that's not an MO I'd like to live with. (I mean, I think she tries, but sort of feels by default that it's just not in her blood and she'll never have a solid grasp of things.) }
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You know how the pink triangle is used to represent the whole "safe space" thing? I just found out what its origins are - it's taken from they symbol that Nazis forced gay people to wear during WWII. I found that really surprising. When I first heard about it (maybe in 12th grade or so) I imagined it to be a stylized version of a uterus, and as such, a symbol of [motherly] empathy and unconditional love. I am odd. Or perhaps just original and cool.
If you look at the right pictures, though, it doesn't seem -that- strange )


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