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Last night I had a dream about taking some very complex subway system because I had no car.

Either my subconscious is just playing games with me now regarding the taxis = husbands metaphor or it has some wise and cromulent point it's trying to convey.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In the quest for enlightenment, no experience is irrelevant. Meditating for days in a mountaintop sanctuary may work well for some seekers, while others are more likely to uncover hidden truths about the nature of reality as they microwave a burrito in a convenience store or play soccer in the living room with their drunk friends, using a rolled up pair of socks as the ball. Even if your spiritual search usually fits the first description, Gemini, I suspect it will more closely match the second in the coming weeks. The secrets of the Divine Wow are primed to reveal themselves to you in the midst of everyday chaos.
I wonder if I can still uncover these hidden truths if I microwave a burrito at home?  I hope so. Living room soccer is right out 'cause we have too much stuff in the living room. 
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I need to stop going to bed so early.

On the plus side, it's now pretty clear that I need about 7 hours of sleep on any given night, as long as I've generally been getting enough sleep.

Last night I dreamt that I went to the supermarket with some friends, and someone parked their car just on the edge of a river even though I warned them not to and it fell down into the river. They called a firetruck to tow it out (which I thought was strange, but apparently someone else had a flat tire & wanted the firefighters to fix it), but I think it was kinda out of commission...but they had $100,000 in insurance (they showed me the policy).The car was exactly like mine but it wasn't mine in the dream. I wonder if this is supposed to be an extension of my dreams about taxis...I'll have to think on that awhile 'cause it's definitely not as glaringly obvious. $100,000 is closer to a life insurance amount than a car amount, though.
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I had another dream about my highschool cronies last night--and there were taxis in it again.

Clearly taxis have come to represent husbands in my dreams, for some bizarre reason. This dream ended with a friend and her friend (someone I didn't know) rushing off to jump in the taxi, even though there were plenty of us with cars around who could have given her a (free!) ride to wherever she was going. 

I'm really not sure what to make of all this.  I get the metaphor and all of the things it implies, but it's a strange metaphor for my subconscious to have grabbed onto.

*my view and the metaphor I've subconsciously created is are clearly unique to me and my own take on sexuality. I'm not against marriage (in the sense of life commitment to someone) in the slightest.
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I had a dream that I was a taxi driver but I'd lost my taxi.  There was a whole parking lot filled with cars--one-seater expensive race cars, model-Ts, Dodge Darts, Ford Tauruses, the whole gamut--all of which were yellow, and thus taxis, but none was my taxi; my key wouldn't turn the locks.  (No, I don't understand the point of a one-seater car being a taxi either.  My subconscious isn't always logical.)

A bunch of well-meaning people (who bore a suspicious resemblance to some people I went to high school with) kept trying to help me find my taxi, but they were totally clueless and no help at all.  I woke up frustrated and still taxi-less.

It's gotta mean something, and probably something really interesting.  I just need to figure out what.  I have an odd feeling it was a marriage dream of some sort, but I'm not sure I want to go there with dream interpretation.


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