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ah-HA! Success at cooking tofu on the stovetop is mine at last. The things that seem to make the difference are:

-HOT pan
-cast iron* pan (thank you kind neighbor-lady for cleaning out your basement and giving us your awesome old one)

-water has been pressed out of tofu adequately

For a long time I've just been eating tofu cold or warmed in the microwave, 'cause I don't mind it that way, but I feel much happier being able to pan-fry it. It was embarrassing being a vegetarian who can't cook pan-fry tofu--for some reason it never worked well for me. It took three tries in a row, but I think I've got it down now: it didn't fall apart in the pan and it didn't stick to the pan at all or absorb much oil. Actually, I probably could have gotten away with using even less oil than the 1/8" or so that I used.

It feels like a waste waiting for a cast iron pan to heat up all the way and not cook a bunch of stuff. I did 18 oz of tofu this time, but I think if I do it again I'll cook two packages at once and then stick it in the fridge. Cold pan-fried tofu is better than cold uncooked tofu.

*stainless steel and aluminum get a huge thumbs-down for this, and I have a congenital inability to cook anything successfully in Teflon (I inherited that from my mom, it seems)


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