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the top Maryland court will hear the pending gay marriage case in December.

I'm curious what they'll decide. I've found myself a lot more interested in legal issues in general, lately. The initial case brought before the Baltimore City Circuit Court took an interesting angle, alleging that prohibiting gay marriage discriminates based on gender. Furthermore, it looks like the Court of Appeals ruled in earlier cases that domestic partnerships are substantially different from marriage (which translated into gov't agencies being allowed to grant domestic partner benefits even though MD state law prohibits same-sex marriage). They also ruled, in a case regarding visitation after a divorce, that the father's sexual orientation was irrelevant, and that there was no reason to prohibit visitation when his partner was present.
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You know how the pink triangle is used to represent the whole "safe space" thing? I just found out what its origins are - it's taken from they symbol that Nazis forced gay people to wear during WWII. I found that really surprising. When I first heard about it (maybe in 12th grade or so) I imagined it to be a stylized version of a uterus, and as such, a symbol of [motherly] empathy and unconditional love. I am odd. Or perhaps just original and cool.
If you look at the right pictures, though, it doesn't seem -that- strange )


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