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If you are a person who has breasts AND roommates who presumably like breasts but are not your spouse, partner, bang buddy, or some combination of the aforementioned, do you walk around in your pajamas without a bra?  Why/why not? 

Also, "current music:" song [link to an mp3 for youuuu to have as your very own] is funny, and even more so (to me) because my mother is the one who introduced me to it. 
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What is your favorite album of (i.e. released in) 2007?

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It's startling to realize that there are forgotten webpages on the internet from 10 years ago...the internet still seems rather new to me in a way, and 10 years still seems like a long time to me. ANYWAY, a poll:

[Poll #1004388]

I had an email address about three years before I had internet access at home or at school, which is probably atypical. I'm not sure what was usual for high schools in the late 90s, but my school's computer labs did not have internet access because children are precious fragile flowers that must be sheltered from anything the slightest bit inappropriate or worldly.


Oct. 4th, 2006 12:22 pm
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(which, as always in this journal, stands for "Public Service Announcement," not "Prostate-Specific Antigen.")

If you are not registered to vote, REGISTER TO VOTE. TODAY.

(your state's election office website)
(your state's registration deadlines)

As they say: vote early, vote often, vote on behalf of your dead relatives. Or just vote once. Y'know, whatever.
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Props to anyone who got the reference in the subject line.

What do you think about the idea of a military draft, both a) in general and b) specifically now?

Random pieces of information:

1) I personally am opposed to the current war stuff going on in Iraq (Is it still a war? Did we "win"?), which prompts me to cursorily condemn the idea of a draft.

2) Someone recently told me that they believe a draft would/could be a good thing.
Their logic was as follows: if there's a draft, people from all walks of life will be fighting (including children and relatives and family friends of the warmongering politicians and businesspeople), and this will cause The People In Charge to act more moderately/responsibly and give more thought and consideration to what they're doing. The assumption was that the military currently consists largely of poor people and minorities, and that The People In Charge may (sadly) view these people as more expendable than, say, middle-class white people.

3) There are more things I could say, but instead I'll shut up and see what people say/think.


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